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yum -y install iptraf

[root@node6 ~]# iptraf-ng -h
usage: iptraf-ng [options]
or: iptraf-ng [options] -B [-i <iface> | -d <iface> | -s <iface> | -z <iface> | -l <iface> | -g]

-h, –help            show this help message

-i <iface>            start the IP traffic monitor (use ‘-i all’ for all interfaces)
-d <iface>            start the detailed statistics facility on an interface
-s <iface>            start the TCP and UDP monitor on an interface
-z <iface>            shows the packet size counts on an interface
-l <iface>            start the LAN station monitor (use ‘-l all’ for all LAN interfaces)
-g                    start the general interface statistics

-B                    run in background (use only with one of the above parameters
-f                    clear all locks and counters
-t <n>                run only for the specified <n> number of minutes
-L <logfile>          specifies an alternate log file


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